Career progression & training

This section of the site provides you with useful information and insight into career progression and the training and qualifications which are available to support you in furthering a teaching career.
  • Higher Level Teaching Assistant

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

    What is HLTA Status? 

    Higher level teaching assistants undertake a wide variety of roles – some work across the curriculum, some act as specialist assistants for a specific subject or department – the work varies according to the needs, type and age-phase of the school.

    * In all cases HLTA have at least one specific area of expertise in the development of learning and well-being of children and young people.

    * In all cases HLTA work with individuals, small groups and whole classes to lead learning.

    * HLTA status is awarded by Welsh Government to individuals who have proved that they meet the National Standards for HLTA.

    The scheme works in partnership with local consortia and is undertaken by assessing portfolio of evidence presented by candidates to determine that they meet the HLTA standards.

    Details of the scheme can be obtained from the following local consortium

    South Central Wales 

    North Wales 

    South West & Mid Wales 

    South East Wales 

  • Newly Qualified Teacher

    Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

    Statutory induction has been a requirement for newly qualified teachers (NQTs) in Wales since September 2003.

    All NQTs must complete a full induction period. For NQTs employed on a full time basis this is 3 school terms. For NQTs employed on a part time basis or as a short term supply teacher this is 380 sessions, the equivalent of 3 school terms.

    Since September 2016 the Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) Programme for induction and mentoring has been coordinated by the regional consortia.


    It's an easy-to-use platform designed specifically to meet the needs of EWC registrants.

    It allows you to upload and share documents, videos, presentations, and audio files.

    It also gives you access to EBSCO, an online portal to over 4,500 academic journals and e-books.

    Who needs to use the PLP?

    We recommend that all registrants make use of the tool to record their professional learning as a way to reflect on and improve practice. However, all NQTs undertaking their induction year must use the passport to access their Induction profile.

    Getting started guide

    • You’ll find your PLP in your MyEWC account
    • If you’ve not already done so, you will need to create your MyEWC account
    • Before creating your account or before resetting your password, if forgotten, you must be sure that the EWC holds the most up-to-date e-mail address for you, you will not be able to create/access your account without it
    • Make sure you log into your account in the language (Welsh or English) that you wish to use your PLP
    • Once logged in choose My Professional Learning Passport
    • Start exploring the passport!

    How can the PLP enhance your practice?

    We’ve got some ideas of ways you might use the PLP to improve the way you work, for example, by sharing ideas, finding relevant and applicable research, reflecting on your achievements. Let us know how you use the PLP by leaving a comment on our Facebook page.


    Consortia contacts

    Central South

    Mandy Esseen:

    Matthew Robbins,


    Amanda Passmore,  

     Deb Woodward:


    Ieuan Jones:


    Sarah Perdue:

  • National Professional Qualification for Headship

    The National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH)

    The National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) assessment programme is specifically for practitioners who are aspiring to be headteachers.

    Aspiring headteachers are practitioners who are intending to move into headship in the immediate future as their next career step and are able to meet the Leadership Standards.

    Applicants should only apply if they are committed to moving into headship in the immediate future.

    Applying for the NPQH

    If you intend to apply for the NPQH then you should discuss this with your headteacher or, in the case of acting headteachers, your chair of governors and challenge adviser now.

    The application process is administered by the regional consortia and further details about this will be announced soon on your consortium web site.

    North Wales

    Central South Wales 

    South East Wales

    South West & Mid Wales

    The NPQH for 2018-2019 is currently under review by Welsh Government. Any updates will be posted on this page.

  • Leadership Development Opportunities

    Already a teacher? Ready to step to the next level?

    Developing your teaching career is an option at any stage. The four education consortia offer different courses that you might be interested in. Follow the below links to learn more. 

    GwE (North Wales) 

    CSC (Central South)

    ERW (Mid & West Wales)

    EAS (South East)


    National Academy for Educational Leadership Wales

    The academy’s mission is “Inspiring Leaders: Enriching Lives” with the aim of bring clarity and coherence to educational leadership in Wales. Their work will ensure that practitioners are able to engage with the most relevant, meaningful and inspiring professional learning.

    The vision of this academy is ensuring all leaders in the education system have access to coherent, accessible and high-quality leadership development opportunities that meet their needs wherever they are, and whatever their career stage and ambitions. The Academy will draw on the expertise of current leaders in this provision and growing the current and next generation of leaders for Wales by improving the status morale and pride in being a Welsh leader in the education system.

    The academy will not be directly responsible for delivering any leadership development provision.

    The academy will initially (Phase 1) focus on the endorsement of current provision for those new to headship and in an acting position and we invite those who wish to have their leadership provision endorsed to apply in line with a published timetable.

    More information coming soon. Visit their website by clicking on this link.

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